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Guide prices for new photovoltaic and wind power projects in various regions will be released in 202
Author:Feiya 2021-07-29

The National Development and Reform Commission recently solicited opinions from relevant departments on the new energy feed-in tariff policy in 2021. According to the draft, the document clarified that household photovoltaic power plants will still receive a subsidy of 3 cents/kWh in 2021, and will be subsidized according to the total power generation. From 2021, the central government will no longer provide subsidies for centralized photovoltaic power plants, industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic and newly approved onshore wind power projects.

In terms of on-grid electricity prices, the electricity prices of new projects will be based on the guaranteed hours as the demarcation point, and implemented according to different electricity prices, which are mainly divided into the following two types of projects:

The first category is the projects within the guaranteed grid-connected scale determined by the state (that is, the projects within the annual newly-added scale determined according to the province's non-aqueous renewable energy liability weight indicators). The on-grid electricity price consists of two parts: guarantee within the number of hours of acquisition Power generation (obtained through competitive allocation and must not exceed the guide price) + power generation beyond the guaranteed acquisition hours (directly participate in market transactions to form on-grid power prices).

The second category is the market-oriented grid-connected scale part (projects outside the guaranteed grid-connected scale), that is, projects that have completed the grid connection conditions through market-oriented methods such as self-construction, joint construction and sharing, or purchase of services. The on-grid tariff is also divided into two Part: Guarantee the power generation within the acquisition hours (on-grid electricity price is implemented according to the local guide price of the year and does not participate in competitive allocation) + guarantee the power generation beyond the acquisition hours (directly participate in market transactions to form the on-grid electricity price).

The document also clarifies the number of guaranteed acquisition hours. According to the 2016 National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration, the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Full Guaranteed Acquisition Management of Wind Power and Photovoltaic Power Generation." The guarantee hours shall prevail.


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