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How much is a general household solar power system
Author:Feiya 2021-07-29

The solar power supply system consists of solar modules, solar controllers, inverters, and batteries. The solar module absorbs solar light energy and converts it into electric energy, which is noise-free, pollution-free, safe and reliable when working. There are no too many restrictions on the installation location, and the scope of use is extremely wide. For enterprises and homes to install solar power systems, the roof is the preferred location. Solar power system is often used in traffic lights, signal lights, etc., and its shadow can also be seen in communication base stations.

The service life of the solar power system can be as long as 20-30 years, and proper operation and maintenance can extend its life. The solar power system is not like a machine, it needs to be guarded manually, it is more like a regular power supply for us to use.

Solar power generation has always been a hotly debated topic, and its practicality can be said to be quite extensive. It has its presence in factory power supply, household power supply, commercial power supply, and agricultural power supply. From this point of view, the solar power generation system has strong practicability.

The fossil energy possessed by the earth is an absolute quantity, which will decrease or be exhausted as we use it. Looking for a sustainable renewable energy to replace non-renewable energy is a development need, and solar energy is one of the renewable energy that meets the requirements.


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